hospital visits

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If you have an operation or are feeling very ill, you might need to stay in hospital in a special ward for children.

If you have to stay in hospital, make a list of things to take with you. You can take your favourite PJs, some comfy clothes, a teddy or doll, toys, photographs, an iPad, and books and games.

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Your family can visit you in hospital. Sometimes your mum or dad can stay the night. Your friends can also come and see you.

Some hospitals have playrooms and television rooms. And you can make friends with the other children on the ward. Some even have a room where you can catch up with your schoolwork - if you want to!

You can ask the doctors and nurses to explain what they are going to do in hospital.

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You can ask them what time you have to wake up and go to bed, what you will have to eat and when, and where the toilets are. You can even ask them to show you a picture of where you will be staying.

If you don’t understand anything or you are scared when you are in hospital, tell the nurses. Doctors and nurses are there to look after you and make you feel better.

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