Being part of E-Pals has made me feel less alone, and isolated. We all have similar experiences and chatting to others has made me realise I am ’normal’ but my own kind of ’normal’.

Thank you for your interest in E-Pals.

We are in the process of updating our procedures in line with safeguarding best practice, and we are trialling a new approach - where a young person and one of their parents or carers has a video call with our family support worker, Laura, before we put you in touch with other E-Pals. This is a way of letting you know the different ways that Laura can help as well as verifying that everyone is who they say they are. (We will be asking for a video call with existing E-Pals over the next few months, to ensure everyone on the scheme has been through an appropriate process, to reassure all members we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously.)

We have removed the biographies of young people from our website whilst we introduce this new process.

You are still welcome to join E-Pals, just contact Laura and she will let you know how to go about it.

You must be a member of CICRA to be an E-Pal.

For your child's safety, parents are urged to follow government advice about the use of the internet, and to carefully monitor any correspondence made through e-mail and all digital communications.