IBD family information days

CICRA Family Days offer an opportunity for parents and young people to share experiences and connect with others who are in a similar position. This can be an extremely powerful and validating experience which helps young people and families to feel less alone in the challenges they face. The day also provides the opportunity to meet with and hear from a team of experienced professionals, where there will be space to ask questions and learn more about coping with the challenges of IBD in a friendly and supportive environment.
Dr. Charlotte Merriman, Senior Paediatric Clinical Psychologist, Sheffield Children's Hospital

you are not alone

When dealing with a new diagnosis, or struggling with the realities of an ongoing condition, knowing you are not alone can make an enormous difference. CICRA's family information days have provided a significant amount of information and reassurance to families dealing with IBD.

We hold up to five IBD family information days each year in various locations around the UK.  The friendly and supportive meetings offer a unique opportunity to:

  • Listen to presentations and ask questions directly to specialists who treat children with IBD.
  • Meet and chat to other families in a similar situation.
  • Listen to children talk about living with the condition.

For adults:

Listen to short talks from specialists who treat children with IBD, this can include Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologists, Psychologists, IBD Nurse Specialists, Dietitians and Surgeons.  An opportunity to ask questions in small groups directly to the specialists, topics may include:

  • Living & coping with IBD - focusing on psychological issues
  • Treatment, medication & surgery
  • The importance of diet & nutrition in IBD
  • Transition from paediatric to adult services
  • Specialist sessions for families who have a child with Very Early Onset IBD (VEOIBD)

For children:

  • Friendly informal sessions to listen, chat and share experiences with other young people in a similar situation
  • Professional children's entertainer for the under 10s
Wow, an informative, interesting and supportive day. Both my daughter and I came away feeling more positive about managing this frustrating condition
I loved everything about the day and was still talking to my mum about it 5 days later. Despite feeling really tired and unwell I left the teenagers group on an absolute high and it made me realise it's not just me dealing with this horrible condition. I loved hearing about other people's experiences and I made some nice friends who I hope to keep in touch with.
Emma, age 14