industry support

UK and European codes of conduct are in place to guide patient organisations relationships with the pharmaceutical industry.

Those industry companies that provide support to CICRA are shown below together with the type of support provided:

Calendar Year 2012

MSD UK Unrestricted Corporate Sponsorship paid to CICRA £2000
Abbott UK Unrestricted Grant paid to CICRA £5000
MSD UK Restricted Grant paid to CICRA (For development of a CICRA Survey in Year 2013) £5000

Calendar Year 2013

AbbVie UK Unrestricted Grant paid to CICRA. In addition to the Unrestricted Grant: Economy Travel, Hotel & Registration Costs relating to CICRA representative’s attendance at the IMID Congress in Vienna Q3 2013. Registration costs of two Abbvie UK Training Days in Maidenhead and the Q4 Abbvie UK Patients Forum 2013 held in London £5000
Falk Participation of 2 CICRA delegates, Falk Foundation International IBD Symposium held in London  
Vitaflo UK Designated Grant paid to CICRA in connection with of Nutritional App/IT Social Research Meeting, Birmingham July 2013 £1500

Calendar Year 2014

AbbVie UK  Unrestricted Grant paid to CICRA £5000
AbbVie UK Grant received for: Involvement in AbbVie Winter Conference – Insights £2000

Calendar Year 2015

AbbVie UK Unrestricted Grant paid to CICRA £5000
Dr Falk Pharma Support for 4 x CICRA IBD Information Days £1000
Hoffmann La Roche Participation in EGAN – Roche Genetics related workshop 3-4 September in St Louis, France and the reimbursement of £219 of a CICRA delegates travel cost  

Calendar Year 2016

Dr Falk Pharma Support for 4 x CICRA IBD Information Days £1200
Vifor Pharma Grant re CICRA representation in Anaemia Manifesto Group £300

Calendar Year 2017

AbbVie UK Funding for support and information £10000
Dr Falk Pharma Support for CICRA IBD Information Days  £1050