schools and colleges

CICRA’s vision is for a childhood unlimited by inflammatory bowel disease. Through sensitivity, flexibility and support, schools can make a huge contribution to this goal.

Schools and colleges play a vital role in supporting a child with Crohn's or colitis. Education and social life can be seriously affected by the condition and sometimes by the treatments needed to keep it under control, and schools should be understanding of this.

How to use this section of our website

Our information for schools is available in different formats, so you can choose the one that suits you:

  • you can read it online on this website (see below)
  • you can download PDFs, of all the various leaflets
  • you can contact us for hard copies

We're pleased to offer whichever format works best for you, whether you are a parent of a young person with IBD or a teacher or school staff member, or you are a young person living with IBD.

We can provide leaflets to give to teachers and schools, which will help explain the condition to them, or you can direct them to this section of our website.

Schools have a duty to make arrangements to support pupils with medical conditions. A child’s mental and physical health should be properly supported in school, so that the pupil can play a full and active role in school life, remain healthy and achieve their academic potential.

If parents or a school need a greater understanding of what the school can or should be doing, we hope you find the following pages useful.