how we can help your patients

Since we began in 1978, CICRA has worked collaboratively with health and science professionals across the UK. Together, we developed paediatric services for children and young people with crohns and colitis. Our funding for talented people in the earlier stages of their careers has helped develop the pool of specialist doctors, nurses and scientists. Together, we have helped children and families with information, support and research.

As well as our highly valued free membership for children and families, we provide free information booklets for patients and families and we provide various support services. We can send you a sample Parents Pack, or as many as you like (usually, we suggest enough for 6 months of new patients). The pack contains:

  • easy to understand booklets for parents, teachers & young patients with Crohn’s and colitis
  • ‘can’t wait’ cards issued free of charge for children to help explain urgent need of toilet facilities
  • information on our epal scheme for children & young people to chat & support each other
  • information on our scheme to put parents in contact with others in a similar situation
  • email support group for parents of very early onset IBD (VEOIBD) children
  • information about our regional IBD family information and support days
  • the insider newsletter produced twice a year and sent free of charge to families and professionals
  • information about travel insurance and insurance companies suggested by families