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School is a fun place to learn lots of new things and make friends. Being at school can be hard if you feel tired or ill. And if you need to go to the toilet a lot it can make you feel embarrassed.

We have booklets for your teacher so they can learn about IBD and know how to help you!

You might not feel like doing PE. You might need to go to the toilet quickly. You might not be able to eat foods you cook in class. If your teacher learns about IBD, they will know how to help you.

Some children need to have medicines or special food at school. Some children need to be extra careful in the sun and wear a hat in the playground or for outdoor PE.

You will be able to do most of the things your friends do when you are feeling well. And good friends will look after you if you feel poorly. If anyone is unkind to you, tell your teacher or your mum or dad.

Remember your school wants you to be at school and to be happy. Teachers and classroom helpers will look after you if you ask them for help.

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