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There are lots of treatments for IBD. Treatments help you get better even if they don’t always seem very nice.

tests for children with IBD

You will have tests to help doctors find the best treatment for you. Tests can be scans or x-rays.

You might also be put to sleep so doctors can put a very small camera into the long tube in your tummy. This lets them see where it is sore from the inside. When you wake up, you can ask to see the pictures!

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medicines for children with IBD

One medicine is a special drink you have instead of food. It is easier for your tummy to get the goodness you need from the drink. It comes in lots of different flavours – so you can choose your favourite.

Some children need to have the drink through a tube. This goes through your nose to your tummy. The tube is very thin and it doesn’t hurt your nose.

Other medicines are tablets and some are injections in your arm. Injections happen at hospital or at home. The nurse or your mum or dad can numb your arm with cream before you have an injection.

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operations for children with IBD

Some children have to go to hospital for an operation. Your mum or dad will be able to go with you. The doctors will put you to sleep and you won’t feel any pain or remember what has happened. While you are getting better you will feel some pain, but the nurses can give you medicine to help this.

Remember your medicine or operation will help you get better so you can go to school, play with your friends and, most of all, have fun.

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