Update from our Chair

Dear Friends

Once again, I am writing during this continuing time of uncertainty, hoping that you are all keeping safe and well.

I want to say a big thank you to all those who responded to our two communications with either generous donations or taking part in the 2.6 challenge. With your help we are feeling more optimistic about being able to continue with our charity’s key activities. We were concerned that we might need to defer research spend but your donations and support have given us a boost. The trustees met virtually and have decided to proceed with our research applications this year. A number of submissions will not be in a position to start this year, but we hope to be in a position to commission the commencement of some research shortly. Once finalised we will update you on the details but we need to keep in mind that this is still early days. Without a doubt we have some tough times ahead.

We want to assure you that, although we are working from home, we continue to be here for families and young people affected by IBD, and in particular parents of children newly diagnosed. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you think we can help. Between us we have a lot of personal experience of the condition so if you have some nagging questions that you would like answered, but don’t want to worry the hospital, please contact us, email: support@cicra.org or ring 0208 949 6209. If you don’t get an immediate reply on the phone please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

On Sunday the 26th the young, and not so young, thought up new ideas, or continued with their usual form of exercise, to raise funds and again we are very grateful. The young did amazing things, running, jumping, cycling,  football, hoola hoops etc. We hope that in raising these valuable funds everybody had a great time. If you haven’t tried anything yet it is never too late. We are open all year round for fundraising!

Summer Draw
We thank you for the response to this annual fundraiser. What looked at one time as if it could be a liability, with your help is turning into a success. I apologise for the delay in banking some of the cheques. The draw will be held on the 15th June so there is still time to take part but remember that the post is very slow so please allow time to get the stubs back for any you have sold. If you don’t want to send a cheque, the other ways of paying are listed below.

Fortunately with a small staff and much unpaid help we have not had to cut back as much as some charities, but we will do all that is necessary to safeguard the future of the charity. We have been funding top quality, peer reviewed research and supporting families for over 40 years. We want to continue to be here for as long as it takes to find the answers to this complex condition. With your help, we can.

Making payments   
We realise that it may be difficult to send cheques at the moment so if you have money to pay in it may be easier to use the Donate button, telling us why you are making the payment, or, if you usually bank online, you can pay direct into our main account with the following details:

Account Name: Crohn’s in Childhood Research Association
Sort Code: 40-52-40
Account No.00014313    

Don’t forget a reference so that we can identify your payment, or if you prefer, tell us by email accounts@cicra.org


Lastly, it may be an appropriate time to reprint a poem written a few years ago, at a CICRA family day,  by a youngster with IBD

Having a chronic illness is like the weather
One day there could be a horrendous storm, winds howling, causing waves to crash against the cliffs,
Another day it may be sunshine beaming down on to the sea, reflecting off the sparkling surface,
The only thing you never know is what the forecast will be 
When it is stormy you do not know when the sun will shine again,
When everything goes back to sunshine, a storm will hit suddenly without any warning
You just have to deal with it, and accept you have to go through the storms to find the sunshine.

I send very best wishes from us all.

Margaret Lee