support during coronavirus

The current Coronavirus outbreak, and the essential but difficult ways we all need to help, is challenging. We will be using our team and our networks to do all we can to help everyone get through this.

We have guidance on COVID19 and wherever we can, we will update on the best medical advice (though we recognise the enormous strain on the NHS and all health professionals, so we can't respond to individual questions).

In addition, we will be offering support to help families deal with the emotional impact of social distancing, self-isolation and the crisis.

Some useful websites on dealing with the psychological impact of the current situation:

A clinical psychologist suggests making positive use of the time families will have together:

Think about activities you can get on with; maybe get older children to help with long overdue DIY around the house or play board games or read books. Do things that have never been prioritised but that you always meant to do! This may create some memories to look back on because of families spending so much time together.
Clinical psychologist

activities to try out during quarantine, isolation or social distancing

Not Another Mummy Blog has an excellent list of 58 activities you can do – split up into age – because a toddler isn’t going to be interested in the same fun stuff as a ten-year-old.

Spread the Happiness has a list of 100 things to do indoors

It's important to keep friends connected even when they are apart, so have a look at Play Together Apart and their growing list of suggested activities.

Carol Vorderman's Maths Factor now free

Digital Mum's Guide to the Best Free Digital Resources for Homeschooling

Daily online science experiment from Glasgow Science Centre

David Walliams releasing free stories each day

The Scouts have some fantastic suggestions for the Great Indoors

Please also let us know what you are finding helpful, either by contacting us or tweeting us or messaging us on Facebook.

We are in this together, and we are here for you.

coping resources

Here are also a selection of helpful resources we have found for children and young people, to cope with adversity. They can be used if they are struggling with a chronic health condition, but also to help them deal with a difficult situation like the Coronavirus epidemic. On most browsers, you should be able to save any of the pictures to your phone or computer.

There is also some general useful advice from Action for Children on anxious feelings

And The Mix is a useful site with support for anyone under 25 on a range of topics

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