emotional wellbeing for young people with IBD

growing up, IBD and emotional wellbeing

Being a young adult is not easy for anyone. But inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can give you an additional set of things to worry about.

We know that IBD affects your mind as well as your body. Children and young people with conditions like yours are at greater risk than other people their age to experience mental ill health.

It can be hard to do everything you need to do to manage your illness while coping with school and keeping up with your hobbies and your friends.

You might feel low sometimes or have problems at school or at home. It can be really tough to talk about how your symptoms and your IBD makes you feel. All this means you might sometimes feel angry, anxious or lonely. You might even feel as though you are losing control sometimes.

But you are not the only one who feels this way. Many young adults with IBD go through the same things and have the same emotions.

practical help

The good news is there are lots of things you can do to look after yourself and your feelings.

The CICRA emotional wellbeing kit will help you understand and talk about how you are feeling. You will find information, activities and tips on how to cope from other people in the same situation as you.

Always remember that asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. It shows you are brave enough to face your feelings and do things to help yourself.

Of course, not everything you go through will be because of your IBD – but some things will. This pack will help you understand when your health condition is affecting how you feel.

Crohn’s disease has had a huge impact on my education and social wellbeing. However, I maintain my sense of humour and have even given my stoma a name.
Natalia, 16

emotional wellbeing kit for young people with IBD

Our emotional wellbeing kit has different sections. You may want to just focus on one or you may want to have the full pack. Whatever you choose, the info sheets have links to additional resources, from CICRA and from other respected organisations. The packs have been prepared with input from others in similar situations, and expert clinical psychologists:

download the emotional wellbeing kit for young people with IBD

Download the full emotional wellbeing kit with sections on dealing with diagnosis, family interactions, school, talking about it and taking control.

CICRA emotional wellbeing kit for young people (PDF)
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