nominate CICRA to benefit as a chosen charity

We are always very grateful for donations and support from community groups and local businesses. We would be delighted to work with you to make the most of your organisation choosing CICRA to benefit from fundraising activity, events or seasonal giving (such as Christmas donations).

We can provide resources such as leaflets and posters, and help give your event extra emotional impact - and you will be helping to change young lives for the better. For more information, please contact us.

Nominate CICRA to benefit as a chosen charity for a company, a community or creative group or a school. If you want some information to help with your application or you would like to know how your support can help improve young lives, please get in touch.

Are you part of a student group and looking for a charity to support? Do you know of a Charity of the Year programme we could get involved with? We'd love to hear from you!

We are honoured to currently be a chosen charity for the following:

PYO Pumpkins

Riverside Farmers is a family farming business at Beluncle Farm, Hoo located between the River Thames and the River Medway in Kent, who specialise in growing pumpkins, squashes and globe artichokes. Thanks to Mark and Verity Batchelor, a donation is made to CICRA as one of their two chosen charities. In 2018 they donated over £4000 through direct public donations & a donation by Riverside Farmers. We are so grateful for their incredible support at this special time of year.

Chelsea Chamber Choir

Emeritus Professor and former CICRA fellow, Professor Ian Sanderson, kindly nominated us to benefit from a collection at the Autumn concert of the Chelsea Chamber Choir. The concert takes place in the impressive surroundings of Christ Church in Chelsea in late November and Professor Sanderson will be one of the choral singers performing on the night.

Mayor's Charity of the Year

Mayors often choose a charity to benefit from their profile during their time in office and we were delighted and honoured to be chosen by Councillor Robert Margrave, Mayor of Whitnash in Warwickshire, to be his chosen charity for the year 2019/2020. We were chosen thanks to a CICRA member who was able to raise the Mayor's understanding of IBD and its impact on childhood.


We were delighted to receive a cheque for £1775 this week from Revive Shop Surrey. Surrey's Revive shops resell unwanted items given to community recycling centres to reduce waste and help offset the cost of running the centres. And a percentage of the shops' profits are donated to charity! CICRA was chosen by Revive shoppers in Leatherhead. Thank you so much for your support!

If you have a recycling shop at your local council waste site, see if you can nominate CICRA to benefit. Alternatively, supermarkets and other retailers often ask customers to nominate charities to benefit from their customers' generosity.

Inner Wheel, Wellingborough Hatton

President Pat Waller kindly chose CICRA to be her charity for her year in office. During the year, she organised an autumn serenade. A lovely time was had by all in an
autumn-time decorated hall with bright CICRA balloons, as a musical serenade was provided by local singers, with a great mix of music from swing to musicals and popular hits of today.

schools fundraising

We know that children are very passionate about helping to raise money for others and they are often excited to raise money in support of friends affected by a health condition. Mufti days are a popular way of schools supporting CICRA and we have benefitted many times in the past year from school fundraising.

As a chosen charity, we can offer schools a PowerPoint presentation and/or videos, fundraising ideas and balloons, buckets etc. to make your school fundraising an incredible success.

Get in touch to find out more: or 020 8949 6209.