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Are you passionate about helping people understand how IBD affects children and young people? Personal stories in the press or media, whether from a parent or young person, are a powerful way to raise awareness and help others in a similar situation. We'd love to hear from parents and children who would be happy to talk about their experiences of living with Crohn's, colitis and IBD to journalists.

It isn’t easy to talk about our health, even when it is just between friends, but we also know that when others hear from someone in a similar situation, it can be very reassuring and helpful. We will support you every step of the way, and give you the skills and confidence to deal with an interview on live radio or tv and others will be inspired by you as we are.

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Media coverage of Crohn’s and colitis has increased in the past few years but is still rare and unusual. If you volunteer, we may not be able to feature your story quickly but it is really helpful to know you are willing to be contacted if an opportunity does arise.

Although it may seem unusual and a bit daunting to speak to the media, we would provide advice and support throughout. Ultimately, all they want is the real you – you have personal experience that can bring a story to life and so all we ask is to be yourself!

Any expenses, travel and accommodation would be covered and we would agree in advance where and when you would be needed and for how long.

More information about being a CICRA media volunteer

Case studies are always needed to get stories into the press as a human interest story helps to corroborate what we might be promoting, highlighting or campaigning for. Sometimes a national story might break across TV and papers at the same time, such as when the magician Dynamo was featured, and this can be an opportunity for a charity like ours to get in touch and offer the experience of a family or young person, to help give the story a new angle.

Whatever your story, we would like to hear from you, so when we need someone to talk to the media, we can see if you are interested. Don't worry, we will always check that you are interested in featuring in a specific story and whether you are available.

Becoming a CICRA media volunteer means you would be someone we might ask to feature in a press release or campaign, to help others understand IBD and how it affects children, young people and their families. You can choose each time whether or not you want to do it.

Any potential news story can become much more interesting to readers, listeners or viewers if they feature real stories from families who have experience of being a child with IBD, a sibling or a parent or carer.

By offering to be a media volunteer and telling your story, you give us a better chance of any press release being picked up by a newspaper, radio or television programme.

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Thank you for your interest.