past projects (1995-2016)

Project Owner Project Description Based at:
2015-2016 Dr Neil McCarthy Human colonic T-cell responses in Crohn’s Disease: modulation by phosphoantigen products of the gut microbiota The Blizard Institute, London
2015-2016 Dr Jenny Epstein Assessing the gut microbiome in children with inflammatory bowel disease: Effects of a Crohn’s-specific diet Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London
2008-2009 Dr Gamal Mahdi A pilot, feasibility study using Synbiotics on children with IBD University of Aberdeen
2007-2009 Dr Andrew Barclay Measuring the activity and diversity of the gut flora using Stable Isotope Probing University of Glasgow
2000-2005 Dr David Casson Setting up the National Register of Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool
2000-2002 Dr Keith Lindley Activation of epithelial and endothelial Toll-Like receptors in idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease Institute of Child Health, London
2000-2001 Dr M J Carter A study of the genetics of Ulcerative Colitis University of Sheffield
2000-2000 Dr Jo Spencer Repertoire and origin of mucosal IgG in Ulcerative Colitis Guy’s and St. Thomas’s Hospital, London
1999-2001 Professor Gordon W Stamp The role of trefoil peptides in Crohn’s disease Hammersmith Hospital, London
1999-1999 Dr Anne Ballinger Inhibition of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) mediates growth failure in IDB: single or multiple cytokine effect? St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London
1997-1997 Dr Huw Jenkins An in vitro study of the effects of cytokines on osteoblast differentiation and function University Hospital, Cardiff
1997-1997 Dr Farida Fortune In vivo diagnosis and in vitro analysis of Crohn’s disease in children Guys & St. Thomas’s Hospital, London
1996-1996 Dr Jo Spencer A study of the contribution of natural antibodies and affinity matured antibodies to the humoral immune system in childhood IBD Guys and St. Thomas’ Hospital, London
1995-1996 Dr Chris Probert Identification and isolation of pathogenic T-cell clones in Crohn’s disease University of Bristol
1995-1995 Dr John Gibson A clinical and molecular biological study in aetiology of oral Crohn’s disease and its relationship to gut Crohn’s disease in childhood University of Glasgow Dental School
1995-1997 Dr Pignatelli Regulation of E-cadherin/catenin expression and functions in Crohn’s disease; a possible mechanism in mucosal regeneration Hammersmith Hospital, London
1995-1996 Dr D R Mathew Genetic linkage studies in Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis Guys Hospital, London
1995-1996 Dr Vivien Rolfe The effects of Metronidazole on neutrophil trafficking and pathogenesis of Crohn’s disease in human intestinal biopsies in vitro Gt. Ormond St. Hospital, London
1995-1995 Dr D R Mathew Genetic linkage studies in Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis Guys Hospital, London
1995-1995 Dr John Mayberry A young people’s clinic for patients with IBD Leicester General Hospital