past projects (1980-1995)

Project Owner Project Description Based at:
1993-1993 Dr John Mayberry Valid quality of life measure in young people Leicester General Hospital
1995-1995 Dr Robert Allen The role of antigen-specific induced secretion of cytokines in the immunopathology of IBD Birmingham General Hospital
1992-1993 Dr Gordon W Stamp Molecular mechanisms of natural intestinal ulcer healing in Crohn’s disease Hammersmith Hospital, London
1992-1994 Professor Anne Ferguson Juvenile-onset inflammatory bowel disease: audit of delivery and efficacy of hospital-based health care Western General Hospital, London
1991-1993 Professor John Lennard-Jones Genetic aspects of Crohn’s disease St. Mark’s Hospital, London
1995-1995 Dr Jo Spencer Molecular studies of the T cell receptor Guy’s and St. Thomas’s Hospital, London
1990-1991 Dr Peter J Milla Body composition during treatment for Crohn’s disease Gt. Ormond Street Hospital, London
1989-1991 Professor John Rhodes Anti- tuberculosis chemotherapy trial in Crohn’s disease University of Wales
1989-1990 Dr Philip Quirke Has mycobacterium paratuberculosis a role in Crohn’s disease? Leeds General Hospital
1989-1990 Dr Roy Pounder Is Crohn’s disease caused by a chronic persistent viral infection? Vascular injury in Crohn’s disease Royal Free Hospital, London
1989-1990 Dr John Mayberry An epidemiological study of IBD amongst Jewish people in Great Britain and Ireland and the identification of aetiological factors Nottingham Hospital
1989-1989 Dr P Pease The nature and distribution of antigens common to bacteria and the lymphocytes from patients with IBD Birmingham General Hospital
1989-1989 Dr C Ainley A dietary cause of Crohn’s Disease? St. Thomas’ Hospital, London
1988-1989 Professor R Wright Gene probing in Crohn’s disease Southampton Hospital
1988-1997 Professor Anne Ferguson Epidemiology, clinical assessment, morbidity and mortality of Scottish children with inflammatory bowel disease Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
1988-1989 Dr G Bottazzo The regulation of aberrant Class 11 molecule expression in Crohn’s disease and its possible role in the pathogenesis of this condition Middlesex Hospital
1987-1989 Dr Robert Allen The nature and distribution of antigens common to bacteria and the lymphocytes from patients with IBD Birmingham General Hospital
1987-1987 Prof. J Polek A study of Peptides Hammersmith Hospital, London
1986-1987 Dr Robert Dourmashkin Mycrobacterial studies Middlesex Hospital
1985-1987 Professor Anne Ferguson Study of Chronic Inflammatory Bowel disease in Scottish children (Prevalence, clinical features, nutritional effects) Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
1984-1984 Part salary for Auxologist To study the growth of children with Crohn’s disease St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London
1983-2011 Paediatric Gastroenterology Laboratory Salaries, Equipment and day to day running costs St. Bartholomew’s Hospital & Royal London Hospital, London
1981-1983 Dr Alan Phillips Salary of David Lewis, Assistant Electron Microscopist Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children, London