small grants and bursary awards

small grants

CICRA welcomes applications for small grants of up to £400 to enable UK based trainees/nurses/medical students and similar persons with an interest in the area of Crohn's and Colitis (IBD) to participate in appropriate scientific/educational meetings etc.

At the Trustees discretion, an amount of £5000 is set aside annually.   A maximum of £1250 will be allocated in each of the four quarters of the year: Amounts unallocated in the previous 3 months will not be carried forward

The small grant awards will be made at the discretion of CICRA trustees with, if necessary, appropriate advice from medical advisors, but will not be part of our normal peer review.

John Earnshaw bursary awards

Following the receipt of a generous unrestricted legacy in 2012 from the estate of the late John Earnshaw and in agreement with his family, CICRA established this special bursary fund to provide a Travel Grant of up to £1,000 specifically to enable CICRA funded Research Fellows, and others in training in the area of Paediatric IBD, to support their attendance at UK and international scientific/educational meetings, and if appropriate IBD related training courses. Alternatively, this award can be granted as a ‘Start Up’ Award to carry out an innovative pilot study. 

As in the case of the CICRA small grants scheme, John Earnshaw grants will be made at the discretion of the CICRA trustees with, if necessary, appropriate advice from medical advisors, but will not be part of normal peer review.

Please note that for a Travel award

  • reimbursement of up to a maximum of £1,000 will be made only towards the cost of reasonable accommodation costs, economy travel and in funding reduced registration fees
  • the grant will only be awarded prior to the event taking place. Please note that bursary applications must be received at least one month before the meeting or ‘start up’ date.   
  • reimbursement for travel/meetings will be made on presentation of invoices/receipts, together with a Certificate of Attendance (photocopies of certificate acceptable) but no later than 3 months after the event
  • successful applicants are expected to provide CICRA with a short report to a maximum of 300 words about an interesting topic and/or discussion held during the meeting/course or at the end of the study.   This lay report must be suitable for publication by CICRA (at their choice) in the charity’s newsletters

Please note that for ‘Start-Up’ Awards

  • a full description of the pilot study must be given together with the approval of a supervisor


Please email for availability and an application form