CICRA information commended by BMA

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We are delighted and honoured that two of our recently developed information resources have been commended by the British Medical Association in the 2019 Patient Information Awards. Our foldout for pupils to take to school to give class teachers, and our symptom impact tracker, have both been graded highly by the reviewers and chosen for commendation by the final judging panel.

Developed in conjunction with young people affected by IBD and their families, supported by Oyster Healthcare, the two resources have proven very popular since they were first published in 2018.

The complexity of IBD and the impact it has on childhood means information is an essential part of holistic care, and not only do young people need to understand their condition to feel more in control, it's important that teachers understand it as well, to help young people achieve their potential and make the most of their school time.

> find out more about our symptom impact tracker and our resources for schools, including our foldout for class teachers.

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symptom impact tracker
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foldout - all about IBD