CICRA 45th Anniversary Summer Draw Results

On Tuesday 12th July, the 45th Anniversary Draw Summer Draw took place in the CICRA office.
Michael Kilkelly, from the Sutton Housing Society, came to the CICRA office and drew the three winners listed below:

  Prize Ticket Number Name
1st Prize £500 39182 Caroline Prosser, Cardiff
2nd Prize £250 20841 Ian Grimley, Wolverhampton
3rd Prize £100 26515 Clare Shipp, West Sussex


Sincere thanks to members who either bought tickets themselves or sold tickets to support this 45th Anniversary Draw during another difficult year.

We are incredibly grateful for your support and can assure you that we have just minimal expenses, so 100% of the proceeds raised will go towards the funding of new research into inflammatory bowel disease, bringing hope of a healthier future for all children struggling with the effects of this complex condition.