our information

CICRA provides general information only and this should not be considered as a substitute for advice given by a health professional covering any specific situation.

We produce a range of health information, with input from healthcare professionals and families who have a child or young person affected by inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's, Ulcerative colitis or IBD unclassified. Our information is often available in a printed booklet, or on our website, on videos or through our social media platforms.

Our information is for you, whether you are a parent with a child affected by IBD or you are a family member or carer, a friend or a young person yourself.

It covers everything you may need to know to deal with the day to day challenges of IBD, from symptoms to drug treatments to psychological issues.

We want you to be able to use our information to understand more about how IBD affects children and young people, and to ask your medical team the questions you most need them to answer.

To ensure our information is reliable and easy to understand, we:

  • ask families with a child affected by IBD to provide feedback
  • get expert advice from specialist healthcare professionals
  • use the latest medical and clinical evidence

If you've found some of our information really helpful, or you think there's a gap in what we offer, please let us know. 

Are there aspects of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) we don't currently cover? Did you find some information difficult to understand? Have any of our tips improved your daily life? Let us know.

We love to hear from you and your feedback helps us to provide the best service possible for children with IBD and their families.

If you would like to help shape our information with your personal or professional experience or expertise, please get in touch.