funding opportunities

CICRA sponsors Research Fellowships and PhD studentships and gives grants for approved research projects in major gastroenterological centres nationwide. Investment in research has led to new treatments for Crohn's and colitis and has helped to train many of the specialists who today treat children throughout the UK.

The primary objective of the Crohn’s in Childhood Research Association is to fund medical and scientific research aimed at understanding, treating and seeking a cure for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and, in particular but not limited to, the potential to help children and young people with this condition.

CICRA has several streams of funding which, with the exception of the Bursary Awards, are all Peer Reviewed by the CICRA Medical Advisory Panel (MAP) and external referees. These funding streams are:

  • 3-year Research Fellowship – a clinical/scientific training post for paediatricians in training who are seeking to specialise in paediatric gastroenterology with an interest in IBD. Many of the leading paediatric gastroenterologists in the UK have received their training through this scheme.
  • 3-year PhD Studentship – a scheme to encourage young scientists to gain their PhD while researching IBD. Fees and stipends are in line with Medical Research Council (MRC) rates.
  • 2-year Postdoctoral Fellowship –  for non-clinician scientists with a PhD wishing to undertake scientific research relevant to or involving children with IBD. This initiative is designed to attract basic scientists (e.g. immunologists, microbiologists, geneticists etc) into the field of IBD relevant to children.
  • 1- or 2-year Project Grants – either to support a single project or part of a larger ongoing project.
  • Small bursary grants (at the Trustees discretion) up to £400 (max. £5,000 annually)  to help UK based health professionals (trainees, nurses and final year medical students involved in IBD) to be able to attend medical/scientific meetings. Preference will be given to those presenting their own paediatric work, although  assistance may be offered for attending IBD-related training courses.  In addition an annual bursary of £1000 is awarded to a trainee paediatric gastroenterologist towards travel to an international medical/scientific meeting.

CICRA ensures that it receives expert and independent advice for all funding opportunities and that all proposals are assessed objectively, impartially and in  accordance with the guidelines set down by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), of which it is a member.

CICRA is very grateful for the support received from members of the medical profession who act as advisors in the peer review process, whether as members of the Medical Advisory Panel or as independent referees.

If you would like to be notified when future funding opportunities become available, please email