Survey for Southampton Hospital

We want your opinion to shape IBD research in the UK

We know that uncertainty about what will happen to an individual child/young person diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease makes it difficult to give an accurate prognosis, to know which medicines are best to use and to know what complications are likely to occur. Improving prediction is important to ensuring the best and most appropriate care and treatments. At Southampton Children’s Hospital and the University of Southampton we’re interested in personalising the medical management of patients with inflammatory bowel disease through predicting the most likely course of their disease symptoms, complications and response to medicines. We think this can be done using genetic markers.

It’s vital that this research is aligned with priorities of patients and families. We want to know how children, young people and their families feel about research, what you want us to research and how these findings would be best implemented and fed into clinical practice.

Let us know your opinion through the online survey or alternatively contact if you want to be involved or have further questions

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