our new website and brand

Our new website is launched!

The aim of our new website is to be easy to find whether you have been given a recent diagnosis of IBD or you are looking for updated information about the condition. Wherever you and whatever device you are using, we want you to find what you need quickly and feel reassured you are not alone.

We hope you like the mobile-friendly design and find what you are looking for more easily. We have changed things quite a lot, so there may be teething issues. Please bear with us and we welcome your help by letting us know of any issues – digital@cicra.org

Some of our new features

  • children’s area: we have developed an area for younger children with illustrations to help them understand more about IBD
  • more links, easier to use: each page will have more links showing you relevant and useful content for whatever you are reading
  • news, events and resources listings: we will be adding more to these in due course
  • coming soon:
    - more resources
    - inspiring stories from young people and parents
    - insightful articles from health professionals

How do I find the information I need?
You can find information on the site in a number of ways. Through the main menus and through the search icon, where you can in addition use the filters to refine the results. If you still can’t find what you need, please contact us

Something I linked to before has gone. How can I find it?
We have re-written and revised many parts of the site. Some items may have been replaced or are no longer current and have been removed.

Which browsers does the website support?
We recommend the following browsers for viewing our website: Firefox (latest), Google Chrome (latest), Safari (latest), Microsoft Edge (latest), Internet Explorer version 11.

Users with earlier browser versions, particularly of Internet Explorer, may experience some styling discrepancies or issues on advanced functionality such as online payments.

I’d like to contribute an article to the website
We would love to hear your suggestions for content! Please contact us with your idea and contact details on digital@cicra.org