workshops for young people with IBD

Being a young person isn’t always easy; pressure to work hard at school, have 100% attendance, achieve good results and make big decisions about your future! Friendships can be difficult as you try to find your way through it all. As if that wasn’t enough, then you are hit with a diagnosis of IBD!

At times, it may feel like nobody understands and at other times you might not want people to mention it, you just want to get on with life. The unpredictability of IBD can throw up all sorts of challenges both physically and emotionally; school and socialising aren’t compatible with an IBD flare.

Whilst it is understandable to feel angry and upset with a sense that life just isn’t fair, it is important to remember that there are other young people out there going through a similar thing. You’re not alone!

The workshops we are offering to young people with IBD are about acknowledging that first and foremost you are a young person, you are not defined by your IBD diagnosis. There is no denying that it can make life more difficult but meeting other young people in a similar situation and sharing experiences in a relaxed environment could make you feel better.

The workshops will help with:

  • increasing your self confidence
  • recognising and managing difficult emotions in a healthy way
  • feeling more in control of decisions that affect you
  • developing some new ideas/techniques to help you relax
  • giving you a strong sense that you are still a young person capable of achieving and being happy (even if you don’t get there in the same way as your peers!)

Please register your interest and take a positive step to gaining control over your IBD.

Confirmed locations include:

  • Newcastle (Sat 5 Oct), including reduced entry to the Life Science Centre
  • East Anglia (Mon 21 Oct: half term week)
  • Belfast (Sat 2 Nov)
  • Cardiff (Sat 30 Nov)

Many more to come, so please let us know if you are interested, wherever you may live.

Pop an email to our family support worker, Laura, if you have a question or want to chat about the workshops or you can connect with Laura on facebook and instagram

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