Christmas appeal

This Christmas, help babies, toddlers and young children with inflammatory bowel disease by donating to support our new booklet on very early onset IBD.

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) like Crohn's and colitis can ruin childhood, and the impact can be longer and more severe when a child is diagnosed under six years old (known as very early onset IBD or VEOIBD).

At such a young age, the disease can be resistant to many of the standard medications which means physical and social development can be interrupted by frequent disease flare-ups and hospitalizations. IBD is lifelong, affecting children's mental as well as physical health, and puts a strain on friendships at really important stages in children’s lives.

Help a child by donating to support our new booklet on very early onset IBD.

At a time of crisis, clear and simple information is vital. Written in collaboration with parents and medical specialists, this booklet will provide expert insight and useful advice to help parents understand how this complex type of IBD will affect their child.

The number of children with VEOIBD has dramatically increased over the last few decades. Children and their families tell us that CICRA is a lifeline, but we can only help more children with your support.

You can make the difference for a young child with IBD, and their family.

Thank you for whatever you are able to give.

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