• Zoe raises £1,350 for CICRA

    We would like to thank Zoe Leigh-Brettle and her family for all their hard work organising a Festive Charity Ball in December 2014.

    Zoe’s said:

    I organised a festive charity ball in the local community hall to raise money for this amazing charity. I did this as my brother was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when he was only 15 years old and just 4 and a half stone. This shocked us all. After seeing him suffer for over a year I couldn’t just sit back and watch anymore, I organised a great evening which was fantastically supported by the community, family and friends and from this event I raised £1,350.

    If you have an idea to fundraise for CICRA like Zoe and would like support from CICRA, please contact fundraising@cicra.org.

    (Zoe & Mum Debbie)

    Zoe Brettle - Christmas Ball 2014 (pic2)