• World IBD Day

    On this World IBD day, we are pleased to say two of our CICRA UK funded research projects have reached an international audience.

    The results of an epigenetic project at the laboratories of Professor Jack Satsangi at Edinburgh University have been published by the CCFA in the USA.

    To read the CCFA article visit http://journals.lww.com/ibdjournal/Fulltext/2014/10000/Two_stage_Genome_wide_Methylation_Profiling_in.17.aspx?cid=MR-eJP-SubDriving-MIB-Gastroenterology-MIB-NoPromo

    To read the press release issued by Edinburgh University click here .

    Dr Fiona Cameron has now completed her two year CICRA-funded Research Training Fellowship. Dr Cameron gave a presentation in Amsterdam at the ESPGHAN (European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology Herpetology and Nutrition).

    Fiona ESPGHAN 2015

    To read about Dr Fiona Cameron’s project “Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Epidemiology in Scotland” or “PIES” click here.