• Why go to a CICRA IBD Family Information Day?

    My husband and I brought Katie along to the Family Information Day and all enjoyed it immensely.

    The day was very well organised and to gather all the medical professionals together was quite amazing!

    Morning presentations were very informative and interesting. Lunch was lovely and during break-time Katie met a boy from school, neither of them had previously realised that the other suffered from IBD.  We met a nice lady who gave us advice on transition to High School.

    We enjoyed the afternoon discussion groups especially Research into IBD and Treatments & Medication. The groups were small and we felt happy to ask questions.  Again, we met some parents and managed to swop email address and have kept in touch.  It’s reassuring to know there are others out there, we can share our worries and questions with.

    Katie joined the group with the children’s entertainer in the afternoon and met some lovely girls, they did discuss their IBD which is unusual for Katie.

    Alison & Katie attended a recent IBD Family Information Day.

    Katie is 11 years old and has Crohn’s Disease.