• THANK YOU to all the Charitable Trusts and Companies who have supported CICRA in 2016 with a donation or grant.

    The generous donations and grants we receive from Charitable Trusts and Companies allows us to offer support and information to families who have a child with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis and ultimately offer future generations hope of a childhood free from these serious and very distressing conditions.

    Through good quality peer reviewed medical research we hope to find better treatments and an eventual cure for these devastating and distressing conditions.

    Research over the last thirty-seven years has shown a relentless increase in the number of children being affected by both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (IBD). 25% of all newly diagnosed patients with IBD are under 18 years of age; 5% are under 5 years old.

    Generous donations and grants received from:-

    Andrew Paton’s Charitable Trust Unrestricted donation
    M L Weinstein Charitable Trust Unrestricted donation
    NEXT PLC Unrestricted donation
    Michael & Anna Wix Charitable Trust Unrestricted donation
    Dr. Falk Pharma. IBD Family Information Days
    Clara E Burgess Charity Medical Research
    Pharsalia Charitable Trust Medical Research
    Manchester Guardian Society Manchester IBD Family Information Day
    Ardwick Trust Unrestricted donation
    Basil Shippam and Alsford Trust Unrestricted donation
    Rothschild Trust Unrestricted donation
    Kite & Co. Unrestricted donation
    Wessex Water Unrestricted donation
    Instron Unrestricted donation
    H A Holliday Charitable Settlement Unrestricted donation
    Basil Samuel Charitable Trust Medical Research
    Deakin Charitable Trust Support & Research
    Mackintosh Foundation Medical Research
    Joseph Strong Frazer Trust Medical Research
    William & Mabel Morris Charitable Trust Unrestricted donation
    Multithon Trust Unrestricted donation
    Oakdale Trust Unrestricted donation
    BOSH Unrestricted donation
    Patricia & Donald Shepherd Charitable Trust Manchester IBD Family Information Day
    Lord Belstead Charitable Trust Medical Research
    Generations Foundation Medical Research
    Burford Trust Unrestricted donation
    Naomi Joels Charitable Trust Unrestricted donation
    Roger Raymond Charitable Trust Unrestricted donation
    Souter Charitable Trust Unrestricted donation
    Reuben Foundation Unrestricted donation
    Usborne Publishing Unrestricted donation
    Rothley Trust Support and information programme – North East England
    Barbour Foundation Support and information programme
    Pilkington Charities Fund Manchester IBD Family Information Day


    Medical Research.

    CICRA’s main focus is to maintain and expand a research programme in three main funding streams – Paediatric Research Fellowships, PhD Studentships and Research Projects. Many of the specialists who today treat children with IBD have been trained through our programmes.

    Since 1978 CICRA has funded:

    • 26 Research Fellowships
    • 27 PhD Studentships
    • 60 Research Projects
    • Set up first Paediatric Gastroenterology Laboratory in the UK

    All research projects funded by CICRA have been rigorously peer reviewed by our Medical Advisory Panel chaired by Professor Ian Sanderson and is made up of eminent scientists and clinicians specialising in gastroenterology.

    CICRA is a non-commercial partner in the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) and a member of the AMRC (Association of Medical Research Charities), and received their five year ‘audit tick’ in 2015.

    CICRA is also a member of the NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations), the FRSB (Fundraising Standards Board) and we continue to work closely with BSPGHAN (British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition) and continue to assist in the distribution of ‘Guidelines for the management of IBD in children in the UK’.

    Support & Information programme (including Family Days).

    A diagnosis of IBD can be a knockout punch for children and their families. All too often it’s a disease they know nothing about and, in many cases, had never heard of.  CICRA provides trusted information and a reliable source of support that many families describe as a lifeline.

    CICRA provide support and Information for children and their families:-

    • Easy to understand booklets & leaflets for parents, teachers & young sufferers of IBD.
    • ‘Can’t wait’ cards. CICRA issue cards (free of charge) for children to help them explain their condition when in urgent need of toilet facilities.
    • E-Pal scheme for children & young people to chat & support each other by e-mail.
    • Parents in contact.
    • CICRA organise three successful and well attended Family Information Days each year. The meetings offer families the opportunity to meet members of the medical profession and other families in a similar situation**
    • CICRA offers FREE membership.
    • Telephone support. Parents are able to talk to someone who understands.
    • Families kept up-to-date and informed on research.
    • ‘The Insider’ newsletter produced twice a year and sent free of charge to families.
    • CICRA website (www.cicra.org) provides up-to-date information.
    • CICRA aims to raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in children and young people.
    • CICRA works closely with paediatric IBD specialist nurses at paediatric gastroenterology centres, specialist units and district general hospitals across the UK

    ** So far in 2016 Family Information Days have been held in Cardiff and Manchester with Cambridge planned for later in the year. In 2017 meetings will take place in Edinburgh, London and Bristol.

    Unrestricted Donations.

    Unrestricted donations can be used at CICRA’s discretion for either medical research or our support and information programme.