• Scotland – IBD Family Information Day – Aberdeen

    Saturday 3rd October 2015  –  Aberdeen  –  10am until 3.30pm.


    We invite you to join us in Aberdeen for another of CICRA’s successful IBD Family Information Day’s in Scotland.  The Paediatric Gastroenterology Team at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital will be on hand to give presentations, host discussion groups and answer questions.

    Parents and children will benefit from the meeting by having the opportunity to:-

    • Listen to presentations from medical professionals who treat children with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.
    • Learn about the latest research into better treatments and an eventual cure.
    • Informal friendly sessions for children and teenagers led by IBD specialist nurses; chat, ask questions and make friends – many children with IBD feel isolated and alone.
    • Listen to young people talk about being diagnosed with IBD and coping with school and exams, relationships and preparing for work or university.
    • Parents have the opportunity to join discussion groups led by medical professionals on subjects such as ‘Living & Coping with IBD’, ‘Surgery’, ‘Nutrition & Diet’, ‘Research’ and ‘Treatments’.

    We hope you are able to join us in Aberdeen and look forward to meeting you.  For more information please contact Jayne on 020 8949 6209 or e-mail:  support@cicra.org