• Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health Research Charter – guiding principles for infants, children and young people 2016

    “Working with children, young people, parents, carers and healthcare professionals, the RCPCH developed the Infants’, Children’s and Young People’s Child Health Research Charter to provide guiding principles for anyone – whether that be a child, young person, parent, doctor, nurse, allied healthcare professional, researcher or anyone working with and involving children and young people in research.

    The Charter aims to support children, young people, families and health professionals to talk about child health research and guide discussions to ensure everyone is clear on what is happening, when and why child health research is important.

    Why do we need a Charter? Child Health Research is important and the RCPCH supports the need for clinicians to involve children and young people in research and discussions surrounding this. The RCPCH has worked with young people, parents and carers, and other relevant professional and lay groups to ensure the Charter sets out the ways in which children, young people and their families can be actively involved and support research in order to better understand the biology of their health and disease.

    Just as importantly, the Charter stresses the critical importance of ensuring that research evidence is incorporated in a timely way into national clinical guidelines and policies, and that these are implemented, audited, and evaluated.

    In addition to the Charter, there is a What you need to know information guide and an External resources and useful links guide directing you to useful tools, resources, e-learning and further guidance from a range of organisations across children’s services and child health sectors.

    Contact: For more information or advice about research please contact the RCPCH Research and Evaluation Team at research@rcpch.ac.uk, or to find out more about involving children and young people contact and_us@rcpch.ac.uk.”

    Text abridged from the RCPCH website: http://www.rcpch.ac.uk/cyp-research-charter