• Our 2018 resolutions – seven commitments for the new year

    Keep children at the centre of all we do
    We are a children’s charity. They are both our purpose and our motivation. In 2018, we will keep them front and centre of all that we do. We will involve, listen to and work with children so they always know we are their charity.

    Strengthen our support for families
    Families are essential in helping children with crohns and colitis deal with the impact of these difficult, long term conditions. We’ll strongly support families so they can be a rock for their children with IBD.

    Do more to improve understanding
    Whether people in general or places like schools, shops or employers, we will find creative and powerful ways to get across the facts about inflammatory bowel disease. It’s time everyone understood the real impact of crohns and colitis on children.

    Champion research
    Our research has led to big advances in treatment and helped train two generations of specialists to care for and support children with crohns and colitis. We will passionately support and encourage more research for improvements today and an eventual cure.

    Celebrate health professionals
    They are the big friendly giants on whose shoulders we sit, and in the 70th year of the NHS, we’ll help more health professionals support children with IBD, and we’ll be here to help doctors and nurses whenever needed.

    Cherish our supporters
    Without our amazing supporters, we are nothing. In our 40th year, we will be asking for more support than ever before for our ambitious plans, and we will show our immense gratitude to the people who make everything possible.

    Aim for as good as a cure
    We will work tirelessly throughout the year to get to a situation as good as a cure. We will never lose sight of the fact that for children and parents alike, stable remission is their big hope right now. Until research completes the puzzle, we will do all we can to counter all the things that make life difficult for children with crohns and colitis, to give them as good as a cure.