• Newcastle confirmed for next IBD Family Day – 7th March 2015

    Join us in Newcastle for another of our increasingly successful and well attended IBD Family Information Days.

    Newcastle upon Tyne, Saturday 7th March 2015   

    The meeting offers support and information to families who have a child or young adult with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.  At the meeting families have the opportunity to listen to presentations and attend discussion groups with members of the medical profession who treat children with IBD (consultant gastroenterologists, specialist IBD nurses, surgeons, psychologists and dieticians).  The meeting also gives families the opportunity to meet and chat to other parents and children in a similar situation.

    The day will be split into different stages.  In the morning there will be talks from doctors on medical matters including research, and presentations from young people who suffer from Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.  In the afternoon parents are invited to join small rotating discussion groups (each lasting 35 minutes); you will have the opportunity to join three groups out of the five groups on offer.  The discussion groups will include topics such as:

    • Living & Coping with IBD
    • Clinical & Treatment
    • Nutrition & Diet
    • Research
    • Surgery & Stoma Care

    Each discussion group will be hosted by a doctor or medical professional.

    The children and young people will have their own session which will be hosted by an IBD Specialist Nurse and members of the CICRA Youth Liaison Team.  These groups encourage informal discussions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, they are for young sufferers of Crohn’s and Colitis and their siblings.  Sessions encourage children to chat to others in their own age range; there will be 3 sessions on offer (under 11’s will be entertained by a professional children’s entertainer and won’t take part in a discussion group).

    • Teenagers (12-16 years)
    • Young adults (16+)
    • Under 11’s will be entertained by a professional children’s entertainer during the afternoon session.

    We very much look forward to meeting you in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on Saturday 7th March 2015; for more information and to secure you place, please contact Jayne:

    E-mail:  jayneboyd-bell@cicra.org     Telephone:  020 8949 6209