• Leicester IBD family information day, 7 July

    Book now for our biggest ever IBD family information day

    Our 2018 family days continue with our biggest ever gathering of childhood IBD specialists in Leicester on 7 July.

    • Watch presentations from specialists who treat children with IBD
    • Ask questions of consultants from leading UK children’s hospitals
    • Meet and chat with families in a similar situation
    • Listen to young people talk about living with crohns and colitis
    • FREE to attend, comfortable venues, accessible city centre location

    If you are interested in attending and would like to find out more about the meeting, please contact Jayne:

    E-mail: support@cicra.org

    Telephone: 020 8949 6209

    Comments from families who attended a recent meeting:

    ‘Wow, an informative, interesting and supportive day. Both my daughter and I came away feeling more positive about managing this frustrating condition, an amazing charity.’

    ‘A wonderful day! Thanks to all at CICRA and your esteemed medical professional guests who provided advice and support – very much appreciated.’

    ‘Brilliant day, better than I could have imagined.’

    ‘The talks were informative but it really helped talking to other families who have been through similar experiences and sharing information on treatment, side effects, behaviour etc. My son benefitted from talking about his experiences with people his own age who understood, something he doesn’t do with his friends as they cannot empathize with him.’

    ‘My son got a chance to talk to the other young people his age. I think it was a huge relief for him to hear other experiences and to share his – I think he was reassured that he’s not alone.’

    ‘Great to meet other families in the same situation as us. Good to be kept up-to-date on IBD info.’