• Nottingham – IBD Family Day

    SATURDAY 21st JUNE 2014

    The Crohn’s in Childhood Research Association, in collaboration with Dr Charles Charlton, Dr David Devadason and the Paediatric Gastroenterology team from Nottingham Children’s Hospital, are holding a meeting for children and young adults with IBD and their families.

    If you would like more information or would like to register for places please contact the CICRA office: Tel: 020 8949 6209 Email: support@cicra.org

    There will be an opportunity to meet members of the medical profession, members of the CICRA Team and the opportunity to ‘chat’ with other families in a similar situation.

    The day will be split into different stages.  In the morning there will be  talks on medical matters and research; a presentation from two young people with Crohn’s or Colitis and time for questions.     In the afternoon, following a very short session reviewing the work of the charity,  parents will be invited to join small rotating discussion groups moving freely between the groups that interest them most and with an opportunity to ask questions of specialists.    These will include

    • Living and coping with IBD
    • Research
    • Clinical & Treatment
    • Surgery & Stoma Care
    • Nutrition & Diet

    While the parents are in their chosen sessions an entertainer will keep the young children occupied and there will be an informal session for young teenagers only where they will be able to discuss school, treatments, socialising etc. with two members of the medical profession and a CICRA  young person representative and of course with each other.    There will also be a new group session for age 16+ sufferers of IBD.

    If you would like to register for the IBD Family Day, please contact the CICRA office on 020 8949 6209 or by email support@cicra.org.