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  • Fundraising

    CICRA receives no government funding and needs to fundraise on a continuous basis to maintain and expand the research programme and to give support and help to families of children and young people affected by IBD.

    During the last 39 years, over £5 million has been put into research and many of the leading paediatric gastroenterologists treating children today have been trained through the CICRA Research Fellowship scheme. Basic research has provided a huge amount of knowledge which is helping treatments and management but we couldn’t have done this without help from a variety of sources, including the members and their families.

    We are very grateful for all the fundraising undertaken on our behalf but need all the help we can to continue. If you are considering making a donation or organising a fund raising event you can be sure that any money raised will be used wisely.

    Fundraising can be fun and very worthwhile so why not give it a try. Here are some great fundraising ideas!

    Please contact us if you need help or advice.