• Harry shares his story.

    Hi, my name is Harry and I am 13 years old and have Ulcerative Colitis.

    It’s important to raise awareness about bullying that could occur at school and the impact it could have on someone with IBD. Sometimes having Ulcerative Colitis makes you think ‘ohh, this is really difficult to battle!’ And having bullying at the same time is definitely not a nice experience.

    I experienced bullying, it wasn’t great and to be honest an experience which I don’t really want to remember.

    I thought to myself, well the illness I have and how I cope with it makes me by no means weak and my face looks like this because of the medication I have to take. The bullies don’t know this and that I have UC. I took those comments that were directed to make me feel weak and sad and I turned them around, I made them good things!

    When the opportunity arose I decided to become an anti-bullying ambassador at school. Helping people through bullying, getting to the source and finally, getting rid of the bullying. If you have received verbal abuse or physical abuse remember to never give up, if you can cope with the battles IBD throws at you, then you can manage what bullying throws at you.

    Never let bullying continue! Tell someone, as embarrassing as it may seem… Once an adult knows a big weight gets taken off of your shoulders. Stay strong everyone!

    Harry, age 13.