• What is Ulcerative Colitis?

    Ulcerative Colitis is when your large bowel (the last part of the long tube in your tummy which you can see in the picture) becomes inflamed. Ulcerative Colitis is something that can affect any child at any age and it is nothing that you or your family have done to make this happen.

    You will have probably been feeling ill with tummy ache and needing to go to the toilet more than usual before the doctor actually told you what was wrong with you. Ulcerative Colitis is quite like Crohn’s Disease but is contained in a much smaller area of the bowel. One of the worst things for you will be that when the Ulcerative Colitis is active you will need to go to the toilet often and sometimes you may pass blood which can be very scary. Don’t forget to tell whoever looks after you that this is happening so that your doctor will know how to treat you.

    You will probably have to make lots of visits to the hospital and have tests done but you will not always feel ill or need to keep going to the toilet. Your doctor may have to give you several medicines before he finds one that will make you feel really better but when he or she does there is no reason why you should not be able to go out with your friends, go to school, play sport and have fun. Sometimes the pain will come back and you will have to have more medicine but in between time you should be able to do most of the things that you want to.