• What is Crohns Disease?

    Crohn’s Disease is when part of the long tube inside your body becomes inflamed. If you look at the picture you will see the tube that goes from your mouth right down to your bottom. Crohn’s can make you feel very tired, have very bad pains in your tummy or perhaps you may need to keep going to the toilet. Crohn’s Disease is something that can affect any child at any age. It is nothing that you or your family have done to make this happen and it is nothing that you have eaten. Although food is not the cause, when you have Crohn’s disease some foods may aggravate your condition. Click on What can I eat?

    When you are first ill it is sometimes very difficult for the doctor to be able to tell what is wrong with you and you will have to have several tests done at the hospital. These are very important tests because they tell the doctor exactly what is wrong with you. The Doctor will then be able to give you the right treatment to make you well again. Apart from tummy ache and feeling tired Crohn’s disease can cause lots of other symptoms but normally you only get just a few. If somebody you know has got different symptoms from you it doesn’t mean that you will get the ones that they have.

    It could be that you have very bad tummy ache and feel very sick which probably means that your Crohn’s is in your bowel (you can see the large and small bowel in the picture showing this long tube) but some children have Crohn’s in their mouth and on their lips. It is important to remember that you cannot catch Crohn’s Disease from anybody and you cannot give it to anybody.

    Children with Crohn’s disease need to go to the hospital quite often but it doesn’t mean that you will always feel ill. Sometimes you may have to have more than one type of medicine or treatment but when you are really feeling better you can go out with your friends, go to school, play sport and have fun. Unfortunately the pain and feeling ill sometimes comes back again, and this may be weeks, months or even years after first feeling ill but this time the doctors will know what is happening and will be able to treat you sooner.