• What Can I Eat?

    This is difficult to answer because children with Crohn’s and Colitis all react differently to different types of food. What one person can eat will make another person feel very unwell.

    For most children (and adults) it is a case of finding out just what suits you and this may change from year to year. Most hospitals have a dietician who will help you and your parents find the right type of food to give you lots of energy and not make your tummy ache. This will help you to keep up with other children

    Some children have an allergy to certain foods and in this case it is very important that they do not eat or drink these foods. For some it may be dairy foods (milk, cheese, eggs etc). In this case an alternative can sometimes be found such as soya milk.

    Generally it is better not to eat spicy food or, depending on where you tummy is inflamed, pippy things. Nearly all children like burgers, fish fingers, chicken nuggets and chips and when you are well this should be alright but check with your doctor or dietician first.

    Lastly remember that we all need to eat lots of healthy food to give us the energy to do all the things that we want to do. If your dietician or doctors suggest foods that you don’t think you like it is only that she is trying to give your body the fuel that it needs to give you the energy. If you try these foods you may even like them after all.