• 40 years of research and support

    In 1978, it was very rare to see crohns or colitis in children., but nearly 40 years later, there has been a dramatic increase.

    As many as 4000 children and young people are diagnosed every year, and despite advances in knowledge and understanding that have led to improved treatments, there is still no cure in sight.

    Since we began nearly 40 years ago, we have trained and supported many of the leading doctors treating children in the UK today, and our research has led to better management of IBD and more support for children and their families.

    2018 may be our 40th year, but it is an hour of need for children with IBD, and we need your support to change things and bring a childhood unlimited by IBD closer.

    Thanks to over £5million generously donated or fundraised by supporters, we have funded 27 CICRA fellows, who have treated thousands of children since their time as a CICRA fellow. Our former research fellows are spread across the UK, from Southampton to Scotland, and they have been the best investment of funds raised. They come and speak at our family information days, sharing the expertise they developed as a CICRA fellow, they write articles for our website and newsletter and most importantly, they care for children suffering from crohns and colitis.

    Unfortunately for the increasing number of children being diagnosed, treatments can still have severe side effects and only research can find better drugs with less side effects, and an eventual cure.

    So, as we turn 40, we are recommitting ourselves to continue our fight against IBD, by funding the best young talent through our research programme and by providing the information and support that is so essential for children and families. If you want to support our Big 40 fundraising campaign, there is lots you can do:

    • take part in a challenge event, such as a run, bike, swim or mountain climb. Email us to let us know.
    • create your own challenge event. Whatever you have wanted to do, even if it scares you, do it and get others to sponsor you for being brave, like children with crohns and colitis
    • hold a big party and raise funds with friends or look at our big list of fundraising ideas
    • donate directly to support the Big 40. You can give today, or set up a regular donation.
    • ask your employer if CICRA can be their charity of the year
    • consider leaving a gift in your will that can help generations to come

    Whatever you can do, your support will help achieve a world where children can live unaffected by IBD.