• 3 New Grants Awarded

    CICRA is pleased to announce that following peer review 3 research grants totalling almost £190,000 have recently been awarded to:

    Professor David Wilson, Edinburgh Sick Children’s Hospital  – a two year Research Fellowship for Dr Fiona Cameron  – the study forms part of an overall aim of establishing a UK resource for the study of gene-environmental interactions in IBD

    Dr Sarah Ennis, Southampton University – a  three year PhD studentship (50% of the costs – the other 50% already secured)  – the study is focused on rare genotype variants in the Paediatric IBD population.  **

    Dr David Bulmer, Barts & the Royal London –  2 year Research Project:  Mechanisms of abdominal pain in childhood Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    We would like to thank all those who have assisted us in reviewing the grant papers and also the Award Advisory Panel for helping us to select the best applications.

    Please note that a further call for research applications will be made in September 2012 – if interested please re-visit the CICRA website later in the year for further details or contact CICRA now so we can notify you when Call opens.

    **  Dr Sarah Ennis holds a two year CICRA Research Project award and has just had a paper published in GUT